Are Michael and Angie Ballard still together: Read Here!

If Michael and Angie Ballard are still together, they will surely live happily their lives. This couple is a reality series star. You can find out more about Michael Ballard and Angie Ballard’s relationship status here.

Who are Michael Ballard and Angie Ballard, respectively?

Michael Ballard, a bar owner, is an avid motorcyclist and is well-known for owning Full Throttle Saloon, an entertainment venue and bar. The establishment is widely considered the best biker bar in America, having attracted a staggering 300,000 riders in just 10 days. Michael Ballard and his team oversee the operation of the Full Throttle Saloon. This show is featured on TruTV. It highlights the difficulties of running such a popular establishment.

Angie Carlson is an American businesswoman and reality television star. She is best known for her marriage with Michael Ballard, who stars in the reality TV show Full Throttle Saloon. Angie Carlson was born in 1976. She is the marketing director at Full Throttle Saloon.

Is Michael and Angie still together?

Yes, they are still together. Angie knew from the beginning that she would marry Michael Ballard when she began her relationship with him. This was a few years later. Their wedding was held at the Full Throttle Bike Rally, August 2012 in Kansas City. Angie continued her love for music and formed “The Full Throttle Rock Stars”, a band that performed until she learned she was pregnant with Michael. Angie was overjoyed and took to social media to share sonogram images and warm messages about their future. She gave birth to Emily Grace Lynn in April 2014. Angie’s main sources of income are the business sales she makes at the saloon, and her appearances on reality TV.

Full Throttle Saloon TV series

After it was made a TV series on truTV in November 2009, The Full Throttle Saloon became well-known. Angie Carlson joined in the second season to document the day-to-day operations of the famed biker bar. She started as a waitress and then became a dancer with the “Flaunt Girls”. Later, she was given her own stage where visitors could take pictures of her backside while standing beside her. Angie would sit on a table and then bend down to place her back against someone’s shoulder or head for a short time, allowing people to take photos as a souvenir of their time there.

Angie claims that “Aggieland is extraordinary because “Life’s all about that ass!” Some people claim that her backside is the most photographed in the entire world. Many seasons of drama were aired on the reality TV series. Angie played a major role in many episodes and gained a large following because of her outgoing personality.

Michael Ballard Networth

Full Throttle Saloon, owned by Michael Ballard, is America’s largest biker bar. He purchased a 30-acre South Dakota property and opened the saloon in 1999. It is open for 10 days every year during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The saloon draws a large crowd, despite its short annual operating time. It is managed by Michael Ballard and Angie Carlson who serve as Marketing Director, Jesse James Dupree and Gregg Cook who are both chef and DJ. Angie Carlson has her own area called Angieland in the saloon where people can snap photos of her famous backside. It is believed that she is the most photographed butt anywhere in the world.

Michael Ballard’s wealth is primarily derived from the Full Throttle Saloon’s sales and the success of the TruTV show that documents its operations. Michael Ballard, a fascinating figure in entertainment and hospitality, is known for his distinctive personality and distinctive dreadlock haircut.

Michael Ballard Networth
NameMichael Ballard
ProfessionReality TV star and owner of Saloon
Source of incomeThrough his Saloon
Net worth$5 Million

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