Are Mercedes and Tyler Still Together: Where Are They Now?

Mercedes as well as Tyler who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 are no longer together. Tyler started the breakup and was responsible for end of their romance on the series. The goal is that they can find happiness with their loved ones in the near future.

Are Mercedes and Tyler Still Together?

Mercedes Northup and Tyler Norris Tyler Norris, who were in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, are not together anymore. They decided to break up their relationship while on the program. Reality Steve said they believed that Tyler had been the only one to initiate the break-up. Although they had an intense connection, it appears their relationship didn’t stand up to the pressures they encountered on the reality dating show.

In the course of season concerns arose regarding Tyler’s commitment and a note in The Paradise Truth Box added to the doubts. In the end, Tyler split with Mercedes at the conclusion the 9th season of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. In the end, both Mercedes as well as Tyler are currently navigating their distinct paths. The hopes is stated that they may be able to find love lasting with the ideal person in the near future.

Who is Mercedes?

Mercedes Lynne Northup, born on 23 March 1998, is originally from Bloomfield, Iowa. Her fame was boosted when she appeared for her role as a contestant on 27th episode of The Bachelor and later appeared on the 9th season of Bachelor in Paradise. Even though she was removed in week 5 of The Bachelor, Mercedes returned to the Bachelor Nation for another chance at romance in Paradise.

Mercedes is known as being a bubbly and fun woman with a solid work commitment. She works four jobs to make ends meet and is famous for her close bond to her mom. After being in two relationships which did not work out, Mercedes is looking for her perfect partner.

Her passion for love is the exchange of gifts and presents and she loves the exciting nightlife of Nashville as well as cozy evenings in snuggling and playing with their dog. Mercedes seeks someone who can bring her a smile and is an individual she can bring to family meals on Sundays.

Full NameMercedes Northup
Date of BirthMarch 23, 1998
Age25 Years
OccupationNonprofit Case Manager
HometownBloomfield, Iowa
SeasonsThe Bachelor: Season 27Bachelor in Paradise: Season 9

Mercedes Career

Mercedes Northup works as a non-profit case manager. Her work demonstrates her passion for helping others and having a beneficial influence in the community she lives in. The fact that she is able to support herself with four jobs demonstrates her impressive work commitment and dedication. Alongside her professional activities, Mercedes has a unique hobby: she takes part in showing animals in the Iowa State Fair, showcasing her many interests outside of her work.

Despite her hectic schedule, Mercedes is able to find joy in driving around with windows shut, and blasting country music. She enjoys moments of peace and would rather eat in instead of cooking. Mercedes has a diverse personality that spans her work in non-profit work to her passion for music and animals gives depth to her persona as she navigates through the emotional rollercoaster of romance in the reality TV world.

Who is Tyler?

Tyler Norris is an American small business owner who hails out of Wildwood, New Jersey, famous for his appearance on reality TV shows such as The Bachelorette Season 19 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. Born on the 21st of June in 1996. Tyler aged 27 made his name in the world of television.

Although not much is known about his childhood life, his experience in The Bachelor Nation began when he took on the challenge of winning the hearts of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey on The Bachelorette. Although he lost in week 7 Tyler returned to the show for Bachelor in Paradise showing his commitment in the pursuit of love.

Full NameTyler Norris
Date of BirthJune 21, 1996
Age27 Years
OccupationSmall Business Owner
ResidenceWildwood, New Jersey
Weight78 Kg

Tyler Career

As a small-scale business manager, Tyler Norris has carved an area of his own in particular in the area selling software. Although the specifics of the business are not specific however, his success is evident in the stability of his finances. The return of Bachelor in Paradise suggests that although he is a fan of his professional life, he also wants important connections, which has made him a well-known face to fans of reality TV.

Tyler Net Worth

Tyler’s financial accomplishment is noteworthy and he has a reported net worth of $220K USD. His success is proof of his skills as a business owner of a small size. Although Tyler may not be one of the wealthiest people worldwide, his successful career clearly has resulted in a steady financial position. Tyler’s commitment to his work and his involvement in reality TV shows a person who is well-rounded with both personal and professional goals.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

“Season 9 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ premiered on September 28th 2023. It’s a reality-TV show where contestants on the show ‘The Bachelor’ and Bachelorette’ prior to that gather in the stunning place known as Sayulita, Mexico, to search for the love of their lives. Jesse Palmer is the host and the season is filled with eight episodes with romance, drama and unexpected moments as contestants test and build their relationships.

The show was shot in Sayulita which makes it an ideal setting for participants’ romantic journeys. Wells Adams is the bartender and makes the show more entertaining. The current season, due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike will air on Thursdays. It is following the debut season of “The Golden Bachelor..’

Special guests such as Hannah Brown, Katie Thurston Katie Thurston, Hannah Brown along with Charity Lawson, who were Bachelorettes prior to the show, make surprise appearances, adding anticipation to this season. Viewers can expect romance stories, heartbreaks and unexpected surprises as contestants attempt creating lasting relationships in paradise.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Contestants

Greer Blitzer25Medical Sales Representative
Olivia Lewis24Patient Care Technician
Taylor Pegg32Loan Officer
Aaron Schwartzman34Firefighter
Tanner Courtad30Mortgage Lender
Mercedes Northup25Nonprofit Case Manager
Samantha “Sam” Jeffries27Occupational Therapist
Kylee Russell25Postpartum Nurse
Becca Serrano26Nursing Student
Eliza Isichei27Marketing Manager
Jordan Vandergriff28Drag Racer
Blake Moynes32Wildlife Manager
Cat Wong26Professional Dancer
Peter Cappio33Airline Pilot
Davia Bunch26Marketing Manager
Will Urena30Academic Interventionist
Sean McLaughlin26Software Sales Rep
Jess Girod24E-Commerce Coordinator
Rachel Recchia27Flight Instructor
Tyler Norris26Small Business Owner
Aaron Bryant30Software Salesman
John Buresh27Data Scientist
Brayden Bowers25Travel Nurse
Tanner Courtad30Mortgage Lender
Michael Barbour29Yacht Captain
Brooklyn Willie25Rodeo Racer
Samantha “Sam” Picco34Entrepreneur
John Henry Spurlock31Underwater Welder
Aven Jones29Sales Executive
Olivia Lewis24Patient Care Technician

Where to Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?

You can catch all the romance stories and reality television fun from Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 on ABC. The 9th season premiered the 28th of September 2023 and includes contestants from the earlier seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette looking for love in the most beautiful tropical place.

The show is currently being broadcast on Thursdays, instead of the regular Monday and Tuesday times due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. Viewers can enjoy the romantic adventures, thrilling twists, and emotions as contestants search for romance in the beautiful location of Sayulita and Vallarta-Nayarit Mexico, by tuning in on ABC.

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