Anime World Tower Defense Wiki {July} Updated Codes & Trello!

Anime World Tower Defense Wiki

Anime World Tower Defense Wiki, a Roblox game created by Lazy Cat Studio, was updated and today players are able to request its code via discord, and much more.

Are you a fan of games based on anime? Roblox is among the platforms on which different developers offer games that are based on anime frequently. Rewards as well as upgrades and strategies for tower defence make Roblox a popular game in ThailandBrazil and United States players.

This article will go over the game’s latest codes and tier list, Trello and more in the the Anime World Tower Defense Wiki . We are certain that you will not need to overlook this guide for those who are a huge player of the game and are in need of codes!

Wiki- Anime World Tower Defense game:

It was created by Lazy Cat studio, the game released in the year 2000, and recent updates let players earn more coins to increase their level and get new towers. It has gained a lot of attention and has received 3.6 million players as of the writing time. The discord link for this game is

Latest Codes in Anime World Tower Defense:

Every game should be completed without cheat codes. These codes can benefit players in numerous ways. We will review some of the most recent codes can be used in the first week of this month to reap the benefits:

  • SryForALotOfShutdown: using this code, you can redeem 50,000 coins straight.
  • GameRelease: Utilize the code in the way it will allow you to earn the 20,000 coins.
  • SryF0rShutD0wn Puzzle pieces are coming your way by copying this code.
  • 10KLikes The brand new code that allows you to access 50k gold as well as 25 piece of the puzzle.
  • Noclypso 25 puzzle piece in numbers
  • 1Mvisit Gold worth 50 kilograms and puzzle pieces following using this coupon code.

Anime World Tower Defense Tier List:

The list of tiers is something that you must keep an eye on Here are a few of the latest lists:

S Tier

Charuto, Manala, Cotaro, DragonEye, RedHair, Barust, Red Archer, CapsuleGirl

A Tier

Jonos, Kongkun, DarkHollow, Todororo, SoulPanther, Veshita[Majin]

B Tier

PinkHairBoy, HunterKid, Veshita, Silent, Shizuku, Karoly, Pane, Charuto[Sage], Arter, Koolin, Takashi, Kongkun, Killer

C Tier

Vuno, Kasuke[Akatsuki], Ruffy[TS], Salo[TS], Misuko, BeastMask, Tobara, Blossom, Hoku, PsychicBoy, Kongkun, VirtualSwordman, VirtualSwordman[Gun],

D Tier

BlackLeg, Salo, Almon, Charuto, Kasuke, Koji, Veshita, Uchigo, Ruffy, OneEyeMonster


Purgatory, Unlimited, Konghan[SSJ], Kasuke, Hoku[100%], Sanjiro

Trello for more codes

The more codes you have the greater benefits users get. Anime World Tower Defense Trello lets you create links, collaborate and manage on other developers of games.

We don’t have an official Trello link yet, however we is working to make it available as soon as we can.

Also, check out the article on Roblox Generators.


Anime World Tower Defense is updated with the most recent updates, and players are keen to learn the most current codes they can use with the latest updates. If you want to play at any time, click the website for the Anime World Tower Defense game here . Moreover, we hope that you will enjoy the details that we have provided.

Have you ever used codes prior to playing this game? If yes, please tell us and write us if you enjoyed the this postthe game. Anime World Tower Defense Wiki.



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