Amber Wheeler Missing Detroit: Where Is Amber Now?

Amber Wheeler missing Detroit: Since December 2021, Amber Wheeler’s mysterious disappearance has been a concern to many. Friends and family were left worried by her sudden disappearance and lack of leads. Recent updates have raised questions about her case. This article will cover Amber Wheeler’s missing case as well as the most recent updates.

Amber Wheeler Missing Detroit Is Found or Not?

Amber Wheeler’s current status is unknown. The case has been under investigation by the Detroit Police Department since Amber was reported missing in December 2021. They are still trying to find Amber but haven’t been able to locate any leads.

Amber Wheeler: What’s the story?

Amber Wheeler was last seen in Detroit on December 18, 2021 at the intersection of E. Outer Drive, and Mound Road. According to reports, she was on her way as a nurse, but did not show up for work. The engine of her black Honda Civic from 2017 was still running when she left it abandoned on the roadside.

Her family and friends launched a social media campaign for her recovery after her disappearance. Despite their efforts and the investigation by the police, no leads have been discovered.


  • Amber Wheeler has been located?

As of the March 22nd, 2023 update, Amber Wheeler’s current status is not known.

  • When was Amber Wheeler’s last sighting?

Amber Wheeler was last seen in Detroit, Michigan, on December 18, 2021.

  • Amber Wheeler’s car was abandoned?

Amber Wheeler’s 2017 Honda Civic black was left abandoned along the side of the road, with the engine still running.

  • Is Amber Wheeler still being investigated by the police?

Yes, Amber Wheeler’s disappearance was reported to the Detroit Police Department.

  • What can you do to help Amber Wheeler be found?

You can help by sharing information about Amber Wheeler with the Detroit Police Department or by contacting National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. To reach a larger audience, they can also share information about Amber Wheeler’s case via social media.

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