Amanda Abbington Health Update: Where Is Amanda Abbington Now?

Get the latest information on Amanda Abbington’s condition with this open update. Find out what transpired to Amanda Abbington in her dance journey.

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Amanda Abbington Health Update

Amanda Abbington recently provided an update on her health and revealed an unexpected setback while she was in training for Strictly Come Dancing. the 51-year old Sherlock star shared the incident on Instagram and has a huge fan base of over 95,800. In a post she made, Amanda had her foot placed against her knee, bringing the eye to a noticeable blood-swollen blister on her sole foot.

She laughed at the difficulties that dancing with heels can pose especially if they’re not professional. She suggested that dancing in heels could be more appropriate for those with younger children, but her determination to persevere was evident when she stated, “However, onwards.” Despite the initial obstacle, Amanda Abbington’s devotion to the contest is unwavering.

What Happened to Amanda Abbington?

Amanda Abbington recently shared a candid account of the Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals, providing insight into a difficult moment.

In her Facebook post she shared a glimpse into her journey to prepare and jokingly commented on her current situation saying, “Blood blister… So… Dancing in heels, when you absolutely aren’t a dancer, is clearly a blister minefield but, moreover, very much a young man’s game… however, onwards.”

While the blood blister could have been a hurdle at first but Amanda’s determination to overcome dancing is apparent when she continues to dance regardless of the challenges.

Who is Amanda Abbington?

Amanda Abbington is a distinguished English actress who is renowned for her long-running career in both theatre as well as on television. She was born Amanda Jane Smith on February 28th on 1972, she’s been captivated for more than three decades by audiences with her diverse roles. Some of her most recognizable parts are Josie Mardle in the television show “Mr Selfridge” and Mary Morstan in the popular show “Sherlock.”

But her talents go beyond these renowned characters since she has appeared in a variety of other television productions such as “Dream Team,” “After You’ve Gone,” “Cuffs,” and “Safe.” Alongside her TV productions, Amanda has showcased her acting skills at the stage with productions including “God of Carnage,” “The Son,” and “The Unfriend.” Her long-running success in the world of entertainment is testament to her incredible ability along with her diversity as an actor.

NameAmanda Jane Smith
Born28 February 1972
Age51 Years Old
Birth PlaceLondon, England
Years of active1993-present
PartnersMartin Freeman (2000-2016), Jonathan Goodwin (2021-present)

Amanda Abbington Net Worth

Amanda Abbington is undoubtedly one of the most wealthy TV actors in the United Kingdom. With a wealth of around $5m, the actress has had an impressive financial successes in her professional career.

The wealth she has amassed is testimony to her talents and commitment in the world of entertainment. Abbington’s versatility in acting and her roles in popular television shows like “Mr Selfridge” and “Sherlock,” has not just received her acclaim from critics, but also contributed to her financial well-being. Her long-running popularity in the field of acting has affirmed her position in the ranks of most wealthy television actors within the UK.

Amanda Abbington Career

Amanda Abbington’s work in the entertainment industry shows her amazing talents and versatility. From her early roles in shows such as “The Bill,” “Wycliffe,” and “Casualty” to her breakthrough role as Miss Mardle in “Mr. Selfridge” in 2013 and as the iconic Mary Morstan in “Sherlock” in 2014, alongside her real-life companion Martin Freeman, she has created a lasting impression on television.

Her stage shows, such as “God of Carnage” and “The Son,” have been praised. Abbington’s work on television in the series, from “Cuffs” to “Desperate Measures” and “Inside No. 9” further showcases her talents. In the past, Abbington accepted an entirely new challenge, being a part of the twenty-first season of “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2023, which demonstrates her commitment, versatility and the ability to attract viewers across a variety of mediums.

Amanda Abbington Age

Amanda Abbington, born on February 28th 1972, is now age 51. This gifted British actress has left a lasting impression in the entertainment industry through her varied performances on film and television.

Her roles are well-known for their appearance in a variety of popular TV series such as “Sherlock” and “Mr. Selfridge,” Amanda has impressed viewers by her exceptional acting skills and charming appearance on the screen. At present she continues to amaze and enthuse fans by her acting talent which has made her a renowned persona in the field of acting.

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