Advantages of Modular Homes

Modular homes, which started to be used in the world since the end of the 50s, are among the most preferred housing models today. The main factor in the popularity of these houses is that 90 percent of the people living in these houses are satisfied with their design. The number of people living in modular homes in the USA has approached 30 million.

There are many reasons for the interest in modular homes. The low cost of modular homes undoubtedly has a high impact on this interest. In addition to its low budget convenience, the system that saves construction times makes this housing model come to the fore even more.

You have heard of modular homes, but if you have no knowledge about the subject, we recommend you to read the details of this article. First of all, modular homes are housing models produced in the prefabricated buildings sector. It is an extremely safe housing model in terms of technology intensity used in production, error-free production and durability. It is often confused with mobile homes when its name is mentioned. Beyond the mobile home, modular homes have brought a very important alternative to classical housing models.

The main distinguishing feature of modular homes is related to the production model. Modular homes are manufactured by prefabricated building companies as pre-production. Except for the preparation of a solid foundation for the installation of the house, it does not need different productions at the place of use.

It is estimated that the share of the prefabricated building sector in the construction market will approach 130 billion dollars in 2023. We would like to emphasize that the advantages listed below had a significant impact on this growth.

Low cost advantage

Unexpected cost increases, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have also affected the real estate market. In classical construction methods such as reinforced concrete, labor costs have increased significantly as well as basic material costs. Modular homes, which were completed in a shorter time, came to the fore instead of the classical methods, which took a long time to build. Labor practices are decreasing a lot in factory-made modular homes. Installation by the expert prefabricated building manufacturer team reduces the costs extra. Many citizens who want to own a house with price advantages prefer modular homes.

To give an example of cost advantage, the cost of a house built with classical methods in the USA is around 380,000 dollars. Modular home prices range from $115,000 to $275,000, depending on model selection. This shows that modular homes are on average 50 percent cheaper than classical houses.

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Advantage of design flexibility

Building projects are carried out in different areas in the prefabricated building sector, from residences to offices, from educational buildings to hospitals and construction site structures. In terms of modular homes, there is significant flexibility in your choice in the sector. When you want to have a spouse, you can choose from many ready-made projects. For special preferences, you can make a request from the prefabricated building company in line with your expectations. Since the design is made using a special software computer program, different design demands can be easily met. In the special program in which the design is made, the static calculations of building safety are also advanced at the same time.

The modular home allows you to design your own home the way you want. It is useful to know that the design possibilities in the modular home are unlimited. You can decide on the size of the kitchen and room of your house according to your choice. Along with the toilet, you can place the bathroom any way you want. You can work with prefabricated building design experts for your dream house model.

Let us emphasize that modular homes are among the long-lasting housing models, although they have the opportunity to be disassembled and transported to other areas with their disassembled structure feature. In general, modular home owners use the houses they have built for a long life. For this reason, you need to apply for a building permit from authorized official institutions for your modular home at the first stage. Your prefabricated building company will assist you in matters such as pre-license floor plan and floor plan and will make your job easier.

Construction speed in Modular Homes

An important advantage of modular homes produced on machine lines operating with new technologies in modern facilities is the speed of installation, which shortens construction times. Technological pre-production has shortened the installation time of modular homes inexorably. For example, a modular home of 100 m2 becomes ready for occupancy in a short time like 1 month after ordering. That’s great speed for a long-lasting residential model.

 Production of modular homes in modern facilities in the quality control system is the main factor in fast installation. The delays in classical building methods are mainly caused by the intensification of production in the field. The modular home is prepared in the factory from main carrier steels to wall panels, door to window, electrical and plumbing materials, roof trusses and covers. All materials are packed in pieces and transported to the installation site by vehicles. There is no shortage of production in the field. Just install. You can choose modular homes with confidence and comfort with many important advantages.

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