A Comprehensive Guide to Hire LED Video Wall in London

The LED wall hire market has been growing since the trend of audiovisuals is all over the event industry. LED screens are one step ahead, and since then, the market has grown faster than ever imagined. The market’s current growth rate is 6.20% (CAGR) only in the United Kingdom. Choosing the right LED wall hire can be a little tricky. However, to understand which one is for your event, all you have to do is make a list of the benefits you require and what you require from the company. This blog provides a comprehensive guide on how to find the right LED wall hire company. 

Whenever you are choosing the company for LED wall hire services, you must have the following checklist. To maintain a clear view of what you require from any service provider.

  1. Market reputation of the company

Always consider the reputation and experiences of the company as your top priority. Look for LED video wall hire services who have been in the field for quite some time. For more clarity, you read all the reviews from past customers. Only shortlist the company if 80% of the testimonies you read are positive, with a proven record of delivering good equipment and rated good in client satisfaction. Online reviews provide a good insight into whether the company is credible.

  1. High-tech quality

Everything exclusively depends on the quality of the LED screen walls. It controls the whole ambiance of the event. For a greater visual experience, you must select a company with high tech. To make sure that the equipment is high-tech and diverse, you need to ask for the maintenance pattern and captivity of the equipment.

  1. Tech-Team

You must run a background check on the tech team the service company provides. There are various aspects which are a must to keep in point of view. The process of installation tr, troubleshooting, or adjusting the backup everything needs to be monitored carefully. Confirm from the concerned company whether they provide full-time tech assistance or not.

  1.  Cost

You must request a full quotation from the company, including all the resources and assistance you require and even what they provide. Different companies provide different packages. Ensure you are stating the required time period for utilising the services, equipment, and delivery charges. Further, one more thing you need to remember is to look for companies with further insurance so you can be in a safe space.

Most of the reputed companies have the following process through which you can request a quote:

  1. Contracts

Make sure you work on papers and add all the required legal work to the contract. Terms or conditions of the company must be understood clearly before signing. Check what liability and insurance details they have given in the contract to avoid any inconvenience. In case you think there will be any extension in the services, you must add a clause in the contract.

  1. 24/7 customer support

Customer support plays a very vital role. Make sure the company you hire has 24/7 customer support services and is pretty responsive. This might get a little too difficult to handle in the long run if there’s no one to answer the queries and deal with the inconveniences. A fixed means of communication can offer a seamless experience.

  1. Diverse equipment

Led video wall hire with diverse equipment and various sizes of LED screens can provide you with numerous options. Before renting the LED wall hire LED wall hire services provider, make sure the equipment they offer fits your personal requirements. Ensure they are providing you with the right equipment, whether indoor or outdoor.

 Things you must keep in mind while renting a LED wall Hire;

Benefits of hiring led wall hire

Provide high-quality displaysYou can easily level up the whole ambiance and the environment of your event with LED video wall hire. You can make your event more extravagant by adding high-quality screens.
Multi-purposeIt can be used for a variety of tasks in your event. You can simply use it for background displays or to use it for ppts. It helps to smoothen away the whole event as you don’t have to hire various equipment.
Virtual assistanceWhether it’s a cooperative event or any social event nowadays, the core of any event is LED video wall hire. If you are looking forward to sharing visual information with a large group of people, the best way is to project it through LED screens.
Reliable and quick installationLED wall hire is very lightweight and super easy to install. On the other hand, if we talk about the large LEDs, they take a lot more time to be installed, and they are not as protected and shielded.
Easy to installOne of the main benefits is it’s very easy to use; there’s no complicated or technical-back-end processing; you can remotely control it anytime from anywhere with internet access. The tech team of LED video wall hire resolves the maintenance and tech-required issues.
Slim structureThe LED video wall is very thin and slim structured, which helps them to be very durable and ideal. However, if we are talking about stage performances or LED video walls as billboards in specific. In fact, the feature of portability allows them to be installed at various venues.
Distributed proportionsProvide high-tech, clear images even after being broken into different proportions. High performances and clear, attractive views are generated using LED video wall hire.
Easy on budgetThese screens are well known for their affordability. These big video walls are very economical compared to traditional LEDs. Less resources are consumed; however, there’s no compromise on excellence.Rather than buying a new system, it’s always economical to rent out Led Wall Hire services for any special occasion or event.
CustomisedYou can customise the size, and however, you want to design it, unlike the traditional LEDs. The whole system will be provided in a customised version, which helps to be impactful.


Choosing the right LED video wall hire is very important to ensure the success of your event. It’s not hard to find the ideal LED screen rental in London. You just have to keep in mind the Rental duration, location, and event type as it affects the cost of LED screens. However, in London, LED Video Wall Hire rents out the best video wall hire with highly qualified technicians. 

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