A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Compelling Whiteboard Animation Video

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Compelling Whiteboard Animation Video

While making a whiteboard animation video is entertaining, there are numerous ways in which it can benefit a business. You can utilize animated whiteboard video made by a 3D or 2D animation company to spread the word about your company, your goods, or your services. 

When compared to posting any other kind of video on your social media or website channels, it is far more beneficial. 

It can be enjoyable to make whiteboard videos! Because Whiteboard videos have considerably higher recall rates than any other type of video, they are often used.

Sadly, it is more difficult to make yourself prominent these days because everyone is utilizing whiteboard videos.

Let’s learn more about how to make compelling whiteboard animated videos.

What is a Whiteboard Animation?

A kind of video with storytelling known as “whiteboard animation” takes the spectator through a tale by literally depicting the artist’s hand sketching it on a white backdrop. It uses special effects like slow motion and time-lapse to make stories come alive.

It can be used for a variety of things, including ads on social media and the internet, local and global software and product presentations, whiteboard animation lessons and educational movies for all ages, and a variety of artistic endeavors including fictional narrative.

Whiteboard videos have historically been created by simply videoing the artist while he or she creates the content for the video and narrates the plot live. A useful strategy in these visually-focused times, but a difficult fine balance for even the finest speakers and artists.

Today, the majority of whiteboard video production businesses use both the conventional whiteboard format and special effects and post-production tools. The illustrator’s touch is still discernible, although it never interferes with the flow of the story’s constant flow.

In the skillful hands of experts, contemporary technology can advance conventional methods and transform whiteboard video into an entirely new experience, resulting in lively characters and a more compelling narrative.

Why should you get a whiteboard animation for your business?

Whiteboard animation is a useful tool for users to achieve their SEO goals since it’s simple to publish on media platforms or google search. 

As more individuals see the videos and recognize the message that the businesses are attempting to convey, the interaction grows. 

Instead of generating content to transmit any such message, it is a much more effective technique to reach the target audience. 

Everybody needs an educational explanation of the services and products while dealing with complex merchandise and services. Texts cannot be used since they cannot convey the purpose of the good or service.

You can’t add further information to texts that attempt to describe the goods or services you are transacting with. The best approach would be to hunt for top rated whiteboard animation companies

Nevertheless, you can cover more ground in a little amount of time while making a video that is at least 30 sec long. The biggest advantage of employing animated movies to market your company’s name, goods, or services is this. 

Making a video allows you to convey more information, but it also makes it simpler to give it a personalized feel. 

Steps to create a compelling whiteboard animation

The following are some guidelines you must follow in order to create a compelling whiteboard animation:

Come up with a script

People will watch your whiteboard animation video and share it on various social media sites if it has an engaging screenplay.

Consequently, when a product or service is promoted through an animated video, the screenplay is quite important in determining your destiny.

Make sure to maintain the hook, the message you want to convey to your intended audience, and the CTA in mind as you are developing your script. 

It hardly takes viewers a few seconds to determine whether or not they want to watch more of your video. The primary element that encourages viewers to watch the entire clip and comprehend the main point is the hook.


The purpose of storyboarding is to assist you in comprehending the fundamental method of sequencing your script.

You can add text to the boxes you are creating to express the tale you want to tell while using drawings to depict the images.

To make sure that what you are generating is also spoken correctly, you will need to employ voiceover settings.

When making a video, you can also employ whiteboard animation tools for storyboarding. The app’s drag and drop functionality may be used to your advantage.

Whiteboard styles

Since whiteboard animation videos are so popular with viewers, there are many different styles on the internet from which to choose. It becomes necessary for you to choose a style that adheres to your needs, nonetheless.

The option also offers 2D and 3D themes that you can select from. When you choose the whiteboard option from the drop-down list, you will see a variety of themes from which you can select the one you like the most.

Doing the final animation

When it’s all set up, you will need to order the assets and characters such that they closely follow the plot that you have imagined.

To make it look professional, you may drag and drop the produced graphics, add certain effects for the scenes, change the timings needed for the scenes, and add some animation effects.


These are several practical techniques for producing a polished whiteboard animated video. Before evaluating and uploading the video, you may also experiment with other features like inversion, audio, and voice.

When it comes to promoting their goods and services, animated videos are the industry’s savior.

Making the most of your available resources to produce an engaging animated video can help you swiftly win over your audience’s trust.

So if you have made your mind to get a whiteboard animation for your business, contact BuzzFlick as they are the best in town at the moment. 



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