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This captivating tale about A-60 Doors Roblox takes you to the latest horror story through the most thrilling gaming platform.

What’s the A-60 in Roblox and how does it work? Have you ever tried to get into Roblox’s doors? A-60 is one of the monsters found in rooms. It begins to spawn when one participant opens or unlocks the Door 60. It causes PTSD when ROOMS warriors feel a slight hum.

Roblox users around the world are delighted to learn more about Roblox. Let’s take a look at A-60 Doors Roblox in the following guide.

About Roblox:

A-60 would randomly appear after the participants had completed the circumference of Room 60. It appears at A-001, and it begins following any participants not in a locker. It emits static/humming sounds. The humming is accompanied by a weak vocalization. Ghosts couldn’t hear the so-called “humming”.

After a set period of time, if all players are in the locker, it will de-spawn. The A-60 will despawn faster if it is confronted more often.

Doors Roblox Monsters:

A-60 can travel very quickly so you can listen to any sound. A 60’s hum is stronger when he is closer to you than any other movement.

Participants should pause when they enter spaces with lockers that are easily accessible and listen to A-60. Because your footsteps will be audible, it would be a good idea to avoid running over metal-floored rooms. For more information on Roblox’s doors, please continue reading.

A-60 Door Roblox:

To give everyone an opportunity to grab a locker, keep a team of two players together when you travel with other participants.

Ghost teammates might choose to stay back in order to identify A-60 once it hatches. Because ROOMS does not record messages or information, it is impossible to use the in-game messaging service. You can view all incoming messages by looking at the speech box of any participant who has sent them.

Roblox Doors Wiki

  • RediblesQW (Lightning_Splash), creator of Roblox’s doors
  • GhostlyWowzers provide additional assistance in creation
  • March 2021 – Creation month
  • Horror and Genre

Roblox has added Doors to its collection of survival/ horror games, following the success of Apeirophobia, MImic and MImic.


Participants must escape from a haunted hotel by crawling and avoiding terrifying monsters.

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