32M Luxury Goods Scam {July 2022} Important Information!

This article examines the latest fraud investigation into the 32M Luxury Goods Scam and also discusses the case in a short review.

Have you heard of an enormous scam similar to 32 Million Luxury? Recently, the team investigating discovered fraud in the South-East nation the of Singapore. The police have revealed the perpetrators, but they are scouring clues to the fraud.

Many people are affected by the scam and they would like to know the truth about the fraud. This is why, in this article, we will examine the issue and provide some thoughts on this scam. 32M Luxury Goods Scam.

What do you know about the Luxury of 32M?

Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa are the spies behind this fraud. In the present, Pi Jiapeng is a citizen of Singapore city while the woman is a resident of another South-East Asian country, Thailand. The story was not a success in the Hollywood film.

The pair used to dine at the costly restaurant. The masterminds frequented these places and dined with wealthy patrons. Pamuk was known to have a relationship with wealthy people by engaging them in a disguise. They also took them to their exclusive home to pay a visit.

32M Luxe Goods Fraud What’s Next?

Pi and Pansuk informed them that they had an expensive home close to Holland Grove. According to their story it was a three-story structure with four costly automobiles that are world-renowned. The pair also utilized brand-name clothes and expensive watches. Pi and Pansuk invited the visitors to sell the expensive watches, and they took the money in advance.

The victims paid for travel, but did not receive the package. Finally, in June 2022, the people filed a complaint against the individuals. Following the receipt of the complaint police began to investigate and detained both of them.

32M Luxe Goods Scam Scam involving Luxury Goods Current Status of the Case

The price of expensive items is 32 million dollars. The police first identified Pi Pansuk and Pansuk and launched an investigation of the two. On 27 June 2022, police arrested Pi. On the 28th June 2022 Pi received bail. The police let him go. However, after that the police did not locate the couple.

Meanwhile the police have confiscated their passports. However, the police did not know much about Pi. The woman Siriwipa has already filed her passport and assisted the police find Pi from the 32M Luxury Goods Scam .

The Latest Update

Police have now taken assistance from Interpol. The problem is that Interpol have issued an “Red Notification” against both. But, police haven’t been able to locate Siriwipa since June 2022. Police are executing a search warrant for the group and have they have received more than 180 complains.

Police also established an “Hotline” number at 1800-255-0000 (+65 6255-0000 for international callers) and sought assistance from those. The police also set up an online portal to gather details about the couple.

At the Very

The investigation is going on. Many people are unhappy with the investigation process for the 32M Luxury Goods scam. All information is authentic and comes from reliable sources. Check out the link for more information. What are your thoughts on the process of investigation? Comment, please.

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