10 Useful Tips to Win Every Spin at Online Roulette

10 Useful Tips to Win Every Spin at Online Roulette

You’ve probably played roulette at least once in your life, or perhaps you’ve seen it and know what it is. Don’t forget that roulette is a game of chance, but we’re going to show you, it will be easier to control your emotions and enjoy winning huge prizes.

Roulette: How to Play and Win

Our aim in this article is not to show you how to play roulette, but to explain 10 practical tricks to win at roulette. Undoubtedly, roulette is in the top 10 casino games, whether we are talking about land-based gambling halls or any online casino in the world. One of its attractions is that, unlike what happens in other games such as online slots at online casino free no deposit bonus, in roulette we can apply certain roulette tips and tricks that will increase our chances of profit. Not everything depends on chance. Roulette, like online black jack, is one of those games that you can win at the casino if you learn to use certain betting methods.

Always use demo mode

The first step to winning is understanding the game, thus one of the secrets to succeeding at electronic roulette is to take advantage of the opportunity to play in demo mode in order to become familiar with the table, the rules of the game, and test your roulette strategies. Utilizing no deposit bonuses or roulette bonuses provided by some online casinos is another way to play roulette for free. When this choice is not accessible (live casino, casino roulette, or actual rooms), we can watch the table and analyze how the games are progressing. You can try demo mode, and play free roulette table games that are worth playing at online casinos.

Smaller bets, more time to play

If roulette is a relatively new game for you, there is no reason to make risky bets during the rounds. The best advice we can give you is: place smaller bets and stay in the game longer.

Ideally, set a win amount and, when you reach it, stop playing. The same goes for losses. Before you start gambling, set a spending amount for the game.

If, instead of winning, you lose, stop when you reach the preset amount. Controlling winnings and losses is part of the personality of a good casino gambler.

Start with outside bets in Roulette

You’ve probably heard many times from professional casino gamblers that it’s much better to start playing roulette with outside bets. Why is that?

Our advice will assist you in avoiding the common errors made by newcomers to the casino industry, notably those who are new to the game of roulette and you’ll know how to win roulette every time you play. You will begin in the simplest and safest manner in this manner.

When betting on outside bets, the probability of profit is higher, as there is less risk involved. In the short term you are assured of a profit; but beware, in the long term you are not guaranteed a profit.

Avoid using strategies in roulette play

This advice is only valid for less experienced players, ok? There are several methods such as the Martingale System, the D’Alembert Strategy and the famous James Bond Method, but they are suitable for players with more roulette skills.

If you want to know more, it’s worth reading about these strategies. At the same time, keep practicing to understand a bit more about this wonderful and fun game.

Use System Betting Patterns

Among these roulette payout tricks; the strategy systems mostly aim to cover a considerable number of numbers on a regular basis. For example, the “two dozen” system: we choose two dozen and thus cover 24 of the 37 numbers. Many players bet 1 unit on each of these two dozens and, in case of a failure, they bet 3 units on each dozen, tripling the bet if we lose again.

Among the many systems for winning at roulette, the column and color betting method is one of the most commonly used by roulette enthusiasts.

Pay attention to the draw patterns

A very simple roulette strategy to win that works well is to watch the numbers that come up most often in roulette. The advice is simple: before you bet. Observe a few rounds and try to notice if there are any patterns in the numbers drawn.

The roulette RTP

The three most crucial letters in every casino are RTP which is the return to player or payback percentage of money wagered over the long term on bets. Slot machine differences are more evident than those in roulette, but French and European roulette still favours players more than American roulette. The cause? The extra square in American roulette known as the 00 makes it more challenging to predict where the ball will fall. Roulette games with a French or European wheel have a higher probability of winning.

Try to detect any irregularities in the roulette wheel

This technique of winning big on roulette can be quite challenging to use and depends on the player’s accuracy and experience. To win at roulette, you can try to see if there is any irregularity on the board.

Applying it might reveal whether a certain compositional defect will aid in your ability to predict where the ball will land. Online roulette does not allow you to accomplish this, however there is live roulette that has a live dealer. The system used in this mode is identical to that at a physical casino.

Don’t change strategy

Unless you have decided to try several casino roulette tips before you start, don’t change your strategy out of desperation.

The fact that you are losing does not mean you are playing badly, but that luck is not on your side.

There is nothing worse than changing strategy and continuing to lose while you see how your previous strategy is working.

Play with a calm head

One more roulette tip: Always maintain control of the situation. You can’t let your adrenaline get the best of you, whether you’re having good luck or a run of bad luck. The excitement of the game may impair your judgment, preventing you from making rational decisions.


The best thing to do if you want to make money playing roulette is to follow the advice we have given you throughout the article. There is no proven strategy that guarantees you will win money at roulette, as there is with other types of casino games. It is a game based 100% on chance. Focus your strategy on better bankroll management and smart betting.



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