10 Best Cabin in the Woods Vacations for College Friends

10 Best Cabin in the Woods Vacations for College Friends

A cabin vacation with friends is a great time to have fun, relax, and experience an adventure. It allows you to connect with nature, unplug, and spend time with those you love. And often, it can be affordable as well. No wonder it is one of the popular types of trips for college students.

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Best Cabin Destinations in the US

There are plenty of destinations to discover in the US. Here are the top choices to consider for students.

Lake Michigan

This is one of the most beautiful places to be. Lake Michigan has a shoreline of 200 miles with marvelous nature sites and peaceful cabins. As it is a popular destination, there is a wide choice of options when it comes to accommodation. So all students can find something to their liking. Check the rentals in

  • Grand Haven;
  • Manistee;
  • Silver Lake;
  • Frankfort.

Lake Michigan is marvelous any time of the year, whether you are planning Christmas holidays or spring break.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

This is one of the most peaceful and tranquil places to visit with friends. Here is a good selection of cabins to rent. They have a specific charm to them not only because of the location but also due to the interior design. The nature here is marvelous, with a lot of greenery, rivers, and excellent views. Also, you can explore Amish markets or farms if that is of your interest.

The Ozark Mountains

Mountains in southwestern Missouri might be a perfect place for a student Christmas party and cabin getaway. This destination is picturesque and offers a lot of outdoor entertainment. One of the top places to go to is Branson, as it offers not only fascinating views but also a great selection of cafes, restaurants, and amusement parks. So students can combine both outdoor and traditional entertainment.

Mount Rainier, Washington

On the southeast of Seattle, you can find Mount Rainier. It is an active composite volcano, which makes it a unique destination for a group trip. Here students can find a cabin in the woods and enjoy some peace. But also it is not too far from Seattle (54 miles), so city life is another entertainment available.

Lake Tahoe

It is the largest Alpine Lake in the US, with plenty of great rental options for all budgets. Here students can try tons of activities.

  • Hiking;
  • Winter sports;
  • Cycling;
  • Water sports, etc.

Or you can simply stay in a cabin together, play some games, and have a good old time with friends. It is great at any time of the year.

Golden Gate Canyon Park

Colorado has an excellent vacation place to offer as well. If you are a nature lover and want to escape the city hustle, Golden Gate Canyon Park is a perfect choice. The landscapes are fascinating, and the atmosphere here is amazingly peaceful. Another exciting location nearby is the Twin Lakes Recreation Area. There are cabins of all sizes for couples, families, and groups.

Best Cabin Destinations in the World

Although it is hard to narrow it all down to several places, some places are just on another level. Here are the most interesting to consider for a group trip.

Skapet Mountain Lodges, Norway

Norway has one of the most unique landscapes one can witness. It is a valid reason to find a balance between studies and travel to visit this place. Here students can rent one of the modern and minimalist cabins overlooking Soddatjørn Mountain Lake. If you are into hiking and/or biking, it is a place to go.

Ocean Village Resort, Canada

These are unique cabins near Toronto that were designed to resemble a beehive. This architectural style has rounded roofs and big windows and was built using exclusively natural materials. The resort is located on the Pacific Rim, which offers stunning views. Also, it has a large heated saltwater pool to relax and unwind.

Re:hof Rutenberg, Germany

This is a pretty small yet wonderful resort for student travelers. There are seven cabins in modern style with simple lines, natural materials, and wall-sized windows. The nature here is amazing, so you can walk around, gather around the bonfire, or go fishing with friends. There are several lakes nearby, and the resort is not far from Brandenburg – a marvelous city with a lot to offer tourists.

French Alps, France

What can be a better place for winter holidays than the French Alps? The mountain views here are majestic, especially with snow peaks. There is a huge choice of cabins and cottages for all budgets and travelers, from luxurious to more affordable. Some of the popular places to go to are:

  • La Clusaz;
  • Courchevel;
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc;
  • Megeve;
  • Morzine.

In any case, the French Alps are excellent for winter sports, group vacations, and outdoor activities.

In Summary

Going on a vacation with college friends is one of the fun parts of the college experience. Whether you are heading to another country or a neighboring state, there are lots of locations to choose from. They are suitable for different budgets and preferred entertainment. Some are peaceful and tranquil, and others are booming with restaurants. So choose the one that fits your desires.



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